WCDT launches a new Small Business Assistance Program Directory

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Posted: April 22, 2020

April 22, 2020


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Re: Winneshiek County Development Launches an Interactive List of Available Local, State and Federal Programs for Businesses and Individuals



Stephanie Fromm, Winneshiek County Development and Tourism




Winneshiek County Development and Tourism (WCDT) launches a new Small Business Assistance Program Directory on the WCDT website, www.winneshiekdevelopment.org under the Services tab. The new Directory offers a searchable organized list of available local, state, federal, public and private programs, including grants. The search filter allows users to easily find and access programs and resources that specifically apply to them.


Stephanie Fromm, Executive Director for Winneshiek County Development and Tourism states, “We have new grant and program announcements and updates from state and federal partners almost daily. So many in fact that we were having trouble figuring out how to share the information with our business partners without overwhelming them. Not everyone will qualify for every program or grant but we don’t want anyone to miss out on an opportunity they do qualify for. So we thought, why not fix this and make it simple for everyone. We started working with Brad Crawford because he has developed unique interactive web platforms in the past. He has years of experience working on projects that maximize the interface between information technology and the social and physical conditions that influence human cognition and retention. As a result, the development of this new Directory provides a model that other communities in Iowa can learn from.”


The site will be updated daily with new information and available grants and loans as the team finds them. Lora Friest, Project Coordinator for WCDT noted, “Stephanie, I, and our Small Business Consultants are constantly on the look-out for new grants and programs, as well as updates to existing opportunities. We always want our existing businesses and community members to have every opportunity to find and secure financial and technical assistance – even more so during this difficult time. Economic Development isn’t just about recruiting new businesses, it is also about helping the businesses we have when they need it. However, honestly, figuring out and keeping track of these programs can be daunting for small business owners and community members. I feel confident that this new Directory will help.”


The Winneshiek County Small Business Development Counselors have also been working with WCDT staff to help develop and update the on-going list of available grants, loans, and funds that support our local businesses. Josh Dansdill, SBDC Counselor, shared “There have been hundreds of phone calls from small business owners throughout the region taking advantage of our Helpline services to talk and get one-on-one assistance. This is just one more opportunity for those who want it to access information. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about financial issues over the phone. This new Directory will help them get updated information they need via the web.”


Fromm also noted that the Directory doesn’t preclude anyone from contacting her or one of the Small Business Counselors with questions and that the information on the Directory will be updated. “There are four of us taking questions and helping small businesses. We know that sometimes it just helps to talk with a person and many people prefer that. That won’t change. We’ll still be here. However, information changes so quickly, the Directory provides an opportunity for everyone to see updates and get additional information on-line. The site makes it so people don’t have to check multiple websites, multiple times a week. We specifically include additional programs and grant opportunities for certain areas of our workforce. Additional programs and funding opportunities are announced or re-opened every week, so we will update the Directory regularly.”